Generally speaking, in the “repair industry” (of assets such as cars, but also in health care), the actual repair is non-standard: every damage is specific and requires individual assessment and repair methodology. In essence, we believe that the right choices in repair methodology have a huge positive impact on average repair costs. This can result in lower premiums, therefore better competitive positions and volume-increase. Getting to the right choices in Repair Methodology, however, is a different ball-game. Currently, the chosen methodology is often chosen based on experience, skills and margins that can be earned in labour, parts or other elements. If there is little margin (or even a negative margin) on one of the components, it is evident that the repairer is reluctant to go that way. And not only this repairer, but all repairers because it is a flaw in the system (often throughout the country).

It results in ever inflating repair costs, which puts even more pressure on the component that could turn around the system. It also results in increasing control- and process costs to get grip on the average costs. And in non-financial terms, it is also bad for moral and cooperation between stakeholders. There is a solution. Not a conventional one, not an easy one, but one that will definitely bring success to all three stakeholders. Better for all 3 stakeholders, TripleBetter! In short, we, at TripleBetter, have developed an integral solution, where all of the necessary elements are present and ready to be implemented.

Putting pressure on one cost component leads to a search for margin in other components


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